In a world where the entire media landscape is trying to redefine itself into something that is sustainable and successful long into the future, many people are turning to blogging as a way of showcasing the talents that they have, the knowledge that they have got, and as a way of showing the passion they have for their favourite topics.

My name is Ryan Eckford, and my aim is to become a professional sports commentator, sports journalist, and/or a sports writer.

I have graduated with a Bachelor of Communication (Honours) degree from The University of Newcastle in 2016 on a sports-related topic, receiving an Honours Class II, Division I. The thesis was entitled ‘The impact of social media on sports journalism in a regional Australian city.’ For the thesis that I did, I interviewed 11 sports commentators/sports journalists/sports contributors who work across the mediums of television, radio, and print media to discuss how social media has impacted on their profession, and how it has changed sports journalism in the regional Australian city of Newcastle.

In addition to this, I have completed a Bachelor of Communication (Journalism) degree at The University of Newcastle in 2015, which I have been doing since 2013. Before this, I have completed a Diploma in Communication and Media at Hunter TAFE in 2012. I have done work experience at The Maitland Mercury, NBN Television, and I completed a work placement at 1233 ABC Newcastle in 2015.

My life is focussed on watching and following as much sport as I can. I love my statistics, and facts, as well as researching all various topics relating to sport.

My ambition/dream is to become a professional sports commentator, sports journalist, sports writer/columnist or any combination of those three. My number one dream is to become a top-class professional sports commentator, but I also love to write, especially opinion/feature articles, which I feel is a strength of mine, as well as looking at stats and facts relating to sport.

Throughout 2016, I was an intern-at-large at 1233 ABC Newcastle, and have written a number of sporting related articles, including a number of Olympic profile articles on Hunter-bred athletes competing in the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. All of these articles have appeared on the 1233 ABC Newcastle website, and even on the ABC Grandstand website.

I have also occasionally written sports-opinion articles in the fan-written articles section on The Roar website and I am classed by The Roar to be a Roar Pro.

I am keen to work and get involved more often in the media industry professionally in the very near future.

I hope you enjoy my sports blog, called Ryan Eckford Sports! On social media, please use the hashtag #RESports when promoting my sports blog, and the posts that I put on Ryan Eckford Sports.